Saleem Taaj Sabree

Brotha Taaj, a man of the people who is devoted to collective work and responsibility. The Boston native made his way to Philly in 2009 via Temple University and through his experience there as DJ Taaj found his voice as an organizer and facilitator. 

Since then he has been steadfast in developing large scale community gatherings, most notably through Block Parties and Corporate Conferences. Co-Founder and Host of the All Love Block Party, which originally started during his college years to unite the students with the local community, has now grown to be one of Philadelphia’s premiere annual independently produced outdoor summer experiences.

With Taaj, the goal is always unity through collaboration and cooperative economics. Using his voice, DJ skills and event production experience brings any event full circle with energetic performance equipped to create memorable experiences from Boston to Philly to around the United States. 

With over 10+ years of experience leading the end-to-end management, promotion and execution of special events with prowess, Taaj is the Event Planner you need for any type of event production. He maintains a proven ability to curate grassroots marketing campaigns to create innovative experiences that generate and retain loyal supporters. The intimate understanding of community engagement, public relations and socioeconomic diversity allows him to engage diverse communities.

Check out some of Taaj’s event productions! 

AIME Fuse National Conference, EPMX National Conference, All Love Block Party