AndFriends (10.07.2023)

Saturday, October 7th


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"& Friends" – a special event series dedicated to the joy of community, the warmth of friendship, and the power of togetherness. Curated with care by Brotha Taaj, each gathering promises a fresh array of talented souls from Philadelphia and beyond. From DJs to performers, live artists to standout brands and businesses, we've got a vibrant mix waiting for you.

Invite your homies and be open to welcoming new connections into your world. It's not just about who shows up, but the fantastic memories we'll create together. We don't rely on whose name is on the flyer; our cherished attendees and supporters understand that each event offers a uniquely familiar experience. Let's dance, unwind, and forge meaningful connections.

At "& Friends," it's more than just a good time – it's about finding your place in a community that feels like home. The real experience lies not in the lineup, but in the beautiful journey we all undertake together.