Partnership Agreement 

This Partnership Agreement (the “agreement”) is entered into on the submitted [Date], by and between Sync Production Group, hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” and the submitting [Partner/Brand Name], hereinafter referred to as the “Partner”

Event Details

Artist Name:

Stage Name:

Hirer Name:

Event Name:

Event Date:

Event Rain Date:


Venue Address:

Event Time:

Artist Set Time:



$100 Artist Compensation – 50% Deposit Sent Once Signed (If Requested)


*Sync Production Group provides the following payment methods: ACH, Zelle, Check, PayPall


Terms & Conditions

CONFIRMATION OF PERFORMANCE: This signed agreement will act as confirmation of artist booking. The Hirer agrees to confirm performance by returning a signed copy of the contract.

PAYMENT: A 25% deposit will be sent to the Artist upon full execution of this agreement. Unless agreed otherwise, balance will be paid upon arrival to the event. 

STAGING: The Hirer will provide safe working conditions and ensure all equipment and facilities are in good working order. The Hirer will be in compliance with all statutory requirements (including adequate staging with protection from sun and bad weather) and will obtain all permits, consents and licenses necessary for the performance. 

EQUIPMENT: Hirer will supply a state of the art sound system for the entirety of the event. Backline will include multiple DJ set ups and easy access inputs for additional equipment. Artists are permitted up to (2) band members, including a DJ (if applicable)

MERCHANDISE: The Artist will have the right to display and sell merchandise during the performance and at least 30 minutes prior to and after the performance, from a mutually agreed position without any payment to the Hirer. 

PHOTO & VIDEO: Artists understand that Hirer will have multiple photographers and videographers on site to capture the event. Artist understands this and waives any licensing to recap footage from the event. 

CANCELLATION: In the event Hirer is forced to cancel the event due to circumstances out of their control (weather conditions, health or safety concerns in accordance with local regulations, or force majeure, Hirer will not be liable for any due balance.  

DELAY, INTERRUPTIONS & FINISH: Artist agrees to arrive at the venue at least one hour prior to set time. If a performance is delayed, interrupted or finishes early as a consequence of any act or omission of the Hirer or due to weather conditions, then the Hirer will still pay the full Final Total. The Artist is not obliged to continue past set finishing time unless they agree. 

INDEMNITY: Both Hirer and Artists agree to indemnify each other against all claims, including costs legal and otherwise, by the Hirer and the Hirer’s employees, agents, contractors, patrons, licensees or any other who as a result of the performance/s or cancellation of performance/s suffers any loss or damage of whatsoever nature. 

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