If you’re a local creative or entrepreneur, here are four tips on how live, in-person events can benefit your brand!

One, live music still dominates the event industry.  Find ways to incorporate local artists and musicians into your programming

 Two, show support for local venues and events. We dropped a list of some of our favorite venues in the description below. Make sure you give them a follow to stay up to date on upcoming events in the city. If you’re looking for new people to collaborate, attending events is one of the best ways to network.  

 Three, Focus on the experience, not the numbers.  Remember, it’s about producing a quality experience for whoever comes, fostering connections, and building relationships.

 And finally, practice patience. Building a brand takes time. Find a cadence of events that works for you whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly and do your best to stay consistent. 

 If you need help with your next event, visit Black Soul Summer .com to learn more about our affiliate program and how you can join our ecosystem of independent entrepreneurs and creatives.