Alignment Festival

Saturday, July 27th (2:00pm – 7:00pm)

Life Do Grow Farm


Limit 1 Ticket Per Order

Event Description

Alignment is a free community wellness festival that will take place at Life Do Grow farm, in the heart of North Philadelphia, designed to foster community synergy through a combination of live art, musical performances, vending, group healing workshops, and an abundance of offerings that provide deeper connections to this sacred land. Alignment will offer a dynamic platform to build visibility for local and emerging artists, performers, artisans, and small businesses, while offering community members access to a wide range of holistic healing practices and fresh produce grown at the farm itself.

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Life Do Grow Farm

2316 – 50 N 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133

About The Organizer

Taylor Nickens

Taylor Nickens

Taylor Nickens Events

Part of my purpose in life is to help my community through creating intentional, healing based, accessible events. Being raised in Philadelphia, this is something that I have experienced as less accessible in our community. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and experience ways indigenous people around the world come together in spaces to create powerful healing and community centered gatherings. In 2023 I completed my yoga certification in Peru, this was an extremely heart and eye opening experience for me as a native Philadelphian. Since then I have taken the skills and tools I learned, returning to my community and sharing this knowledge as a means to help others heal. I’ve completed an herbalism apprenticeship with others in Philly seeking to learn deeper methods of utilizing herbs as healing medicines and integrating this into the work I do as an intentional events planner in the city. I’m currently the events manager at Urban Creators, Life Do Grow Farm, a sacred space in the heart of North Philadelphia. We come together here, despite the changing environment around us with gentrification on the rise. We tend to the land, engage with our community, and provide an accessible green space promoting healing from within. I believe this is something one shouldn’t have to leave their community to cultivate. Creating safe spaces that allow us to experience moments of intentional, transformational healing with community, by community, and in community is the motivation sparking the inspiration for Alignment Wellness Festival

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